Buys and PYGA Euro Steel back for Drak Descent

27-28 January 2024

Buys and PYGA Euro Steel back for Drak Descent

Team PYGA Euro Steel will once again be present on the start line for the 2023 Euro Steel Drak Descent when they use the popular Southern Drakensberg race from 28-29 January as a springboard for another exciting year of racing.

Last year’s race became a lucrative scouting mission for Africa’s MTB Team as they roped in talented young Underberg local Michael Foster into their ranks after he won the Drak Descent.

Foster’s career has gone from strength to strength with the team and he recently won the 947 Ride Joburg MTB event where he beat some of the country’s best for the title.

One of those riders was his PYGA Euro Steel team-mate Phillip Buys who had a stellar 2022 with two national titles in the marathon and cross country disciplines.

Heading into 2023 Buys understands the importance of a race like the Drak Descent as they build to another exciting year in the saddle.

“We will be looking to get the whole team to the Drakensberg for the Drak Descent and it’s always a great way for us to reconnect with our sponsors, but also get our racing going for the year,” Buys said.

“It’s a race we look forward to coming down and taking part in as it’s a good hit-out as part of our Epic preparation.”

Last year Buys finished in second place behind Foster and the current SA Champion is eager to see how his new young team mate goes in 2023.

“Michael won the Drak Descent last year and we got him involved in the team at an academy level, but he has proven himself well this year and we are eager to see him grow.

“It’s important to have young blood coming through and to have a local boy riding on our team at the Drak Descent is fantastic for us.”

For Buys 2022 was a special year and as he looks to build into a busy 2023 he wants to replicate his achievements.

“I want to repeat what I achieved last year, and the body is feeling really good going into this one and the motivation levels are good too.

“It’s going to be an exciting year and I’m feeling good and fresh going into it,” an enthusiastic Buys added.

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