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27-28 January 2024

We have partnered up again this year with the Team from EasyBike/EasyGIS in order to bring you the GPS files for the Drak Descent & Run The Rivers. This will be the second year that we are offering GPS Navigation at our events. They have you covered when it comes to everything GPS and have been working flat out to get the final routes sorted for you. So now it is time to get downloading and uploading.
We are excited to make this event a GPS, unmarked event in order to reduce our footprint, so now is the time to become familiar with the technology and how it works.

If you don’t yet have a GPS, EasyBike/EasyGIS have some Awesome deals available exclusively to all Drak Descent & Run The Rivers participants available before the event or for collection at registration. Get in early as stock is limited, contact them at and quote “Drak Descent & Run The Rivers” for the latest offers available.
It seems daunting to some but once the routes are on your unit, all you have to do is run and follow the bread crumb trail. 
Things to remember

  1. Visit the EasyBike/EasyGIS Website for GPS FAQs and more.
  2. We run through private land with special permission for this event only, so please do not share these routes.
  3. No supporters are allowed on the route except for designated supporter stops. Check out the supporters section for details.
  4. The descent and ascent measurements are estimations – no running GPS is able to measure climbing and descending accurately despite what they tell you.
  5. There are loads of instructional videos on Youtube about uploading and following tracks with hundreds of devices.
  6. Please ensure you upload your tracks before the event. We will have EasyBike/EasyGIS support available to troubleshoot at registration but not to upload everyone’s files.

Okay so now for the fun part! Upload your routes.
There are two ways to load the route onto your GPS
1. EasyBike/EasyGIS GPS Program (Windows users only – easiest and fastest)

  • The GPS program will either assist you to download the GPS route files onto your GPS or direct you to the website for assistance and instructions on how to download them.
  • Click here to download the EasyBike/EasyGIS GPS Program to your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, install and run the program. Then follow the simple on-screen instructions.

2. Direct Download (all other users)

  • Ensure you have the correct file format (GPX, FIT or TCX) for your GPS unit. If you download the wrong files you might not get all the added features that are available for your unit (e.g. water points, Virtual Partner etc.) and it may not work.
  • The EasyBike instructions website contains detailed instructions if you find you need them.

Need to buy a GPS with files uploaded or looking for an upgrade?
As mentioned above If you don’t have a GPS yet or want to upgrade, EasyBike have some awesome “ Drak Descent & Run The Rivers” specials lined up for all runners, offers available on Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo GPS units. You can buy now from EasyBike and collect at registration, pre-loaded and ready to use! Email or checkout their website and quote “Drak Descent & Run The Rivers” when placing any orders.
EasyBike have the following pre-loaded GPS specials available for runners.

  • Garmin Instinct
  • Garmin Forerunner 245
  • Garmin Forerunner 745
  • Garmin Forerunner 945
  • Garmin Fenix 6S, 6 & 6X Pro, Sapphire & Solar Range 
  • Garmin Enduro
  • Polar Grit X
  • Polar Vantage V 2
  • Suunto 9 G1 & G1 Baro

EasyBike at Registration

EasyBike GPS gurus will be at Registration to assist you, if you have had some challenges when trying to download our GPS route files at home or have a problem with your GPS. Please, however, try to download the GPS route files at home before arriving at Registration. They will also have limited stock of GPS units, as well as spares & accessories at their New Mobile Technical Support Trailer.
Still need assistance?

If you have a different brand of GPS unit, or are unsure if it is supported or require any further help, please contact EasyBike Support

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