Malherbe taking it all in at Drak Descent 2023

27-28 January 2024

Malherbe taking it all in at Drak Descent 2023

As he continues his treatment for myeloma, KZN Midlands cycling personality Con Malherbe has confirmed he’ll be riding the 2023 Euro Steel Drak Descent, but will be taking a far more relaxed approach compared to previous years.

The Southern Drakensberg classic from 28-29 January has become a popular stop on the mountain biking calendar in KwaZulu-Natal and Malherbe will be returning to the race with a very different goal in mind.

Having battled with myeloma for over two years, Malherbe will be going for a stem cell transplant in May, and in preparation for that he wants to try and make sure he’s physically in the best shape that he can be.

“This year’s aim at the Drak Descent is very different to last year,” Malherbe said. “Last year I was on a mission to win the SA Grand Masters Marathon title and the Drak Descent was an important part of my preparation for that.

“This year the focus is completely different, and I will be using the Drak Descent to work towards being the best and the healthiest I possibly can be for my stem cell transplant in May.

“Cancer can be beaten with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and a healthy diet, but above all a positive attitude!

“I’ve got a completely different attitude this year and it’s going to be great to see the social side of things for this year’s Drak Descent.”

It was a toss-up for Malherbe as to whether he would be on the start line in Underberg at the end of the month, however, with things looking up from a treatment perspective, he was given the green light.

“I’ll be riding a very easy one in zone two, as that’s doctor’s orders! That’s thanks to me being able to keep up with some low-paced riding and general training over the past eight weeks and my is treatment going surprisingly well.

“I’m sure that I’ll actually enjoy mixing it up near the back, taking my time and enjoying the social side of the event. I got the latest GoPro but am a very slow learner so no filming for this one, just focused on having a fun social weekend, grateful that I can even be there.”

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