Foster out-sprints Buys for Drak Descent crown

27-28 January 2024

Foster out-sprints Buys for Drak Descent crown

Young Michael Foster showed his rising talent when he out-sprinted the experienced Philip Buys to claim stage two, and with it overall honours, at the 2022 Euro Steel Drak Descent, in partnership with FNB, on Sunday.

The pair finished Saturday’s first stage neck-and-neck and Sunday again the race came right down to the finish line with Foster taking home the spoils.

The Under 23 Cross Country rider is no stranger to the region and enjoys tackling the trails in and around Underberg.

“I’m from Ixopo so it’s really close and the finish on day two here is on my uncle’s farm it’s basically home for me,” Foster said after his win.

“It was a lot of fun racing a guy like Philip (Buys) and I really enjoyed the two days even with all the mud and water!”

For Foster this event was the start of a big 2022 where he is looking to focus more on the shorter events but will throw in a KAP sani2c as well.

“I’m going to mainly focus on the cross country races but will ride the sani2c when it comes around.”

For PYGA Euro Steel’s Buys, who went into the event with other events this years as his focus, was happy with how it worked out.

“It’s a Euro Steel event, probably one of their biggest in the year so it’s worth the trip down for some fun trails and a good vibe.

“I felt better today but the pace was higher and Michael made it harder at some points and he really rode a strong race.

“I’m really happy for him because he was really strong over the whole weekend.”

In what was a repeat of day one’s result the DriveTrain Academy team of Tyronne White and Justin Swanepoel finished as the first team across the line on day two and claimed the overall team crown at the event.

Bell Construction’s team of Hayley Smith and Dale Allen also managed to hold on to their advantage at the front of the mixed race to claim the overall crown ahead of Luke Newlands and Jodi Mackinnon in second and Casper Badenhorst and Nadine Nunes in third.
SUMMARY OF RESULTS – Euro Steel Drak Descent Stage One


  1. Michael Foster 04:03:42
  2. Philip Buys 04:03:42
  3. Daniel van der Watt 04:09:43
  4. Tyronne White/Justin Swanepoel 04:11:29
  5. Andrew Hill 04:13:23
  6. Martin Hall 04:28:25
  7. Omar Wilson/Ryan Taylor 04:31:54
  8. Tayne Rudling 04:43:08
  9. Angus Mcleod 04:47:27
  10. Sean Yelland 04:52:20


  1. Tyronne White/Justin Swanepoel 04:11:29
  2. Omar Wilson/Ryan Taylor 04:31:54
  3. Hayley Smith/Dale Allen 05:20:09

Mixed Team

  1. Hayley Smith/Dale Allen 05:20:09
  2. Luke Newlands/Jodi Mackinnon 05:34:56
  3. Charles Stander/Nadine Nunes 05:42:05
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