Euro Steel out to support the local community

27-28 January 2024

Euro Steel out to support the local community

The 2022 Euro Steel Run the Rivers and Euro Steel Drak Descent, both in partnership with FNB, will continue the title sponsor’s commitment to supporting the local community and businesses of the Southern Drakensberg town of Underberg.

The pair of events from 29-30 January will attract hundreds of people from all over KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa to the region that has been without these events since the Covid-19 enforced lockdown in March 2020.

For Euro Steel’s Dave Wilson making sure that their business is supporting the people that support their events is crucial in creating a long-term connection.

“We have a strong affinity for the region and communities involved,” Wilson said.

“We will do all we can to make sure that the events are successful as well as supporting local business to benefit through income generation opportunities. The Southern Drakensberg has proved to be a very successful hub for events and athletes, and many of our guests look forward to this weekend each year.

“Our aim is to continue to contribute to those supporting the event and keep the entry fees affordable for participants so as to create a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.”

The Drak Adventure Weekend, as the umbrella event has become known, is a crucial money-driver into the local economy with runners, riders and paddlers all making Underberg home for the weekend.

Euro Steel is using its involvement to try and help local businesses and community initiatives thrive throughout the year and not just over the Drak Adventure Weekend.

“We have embarked on supporting local communities where we believe we can add value through local partnerships and through community based projects.

“Our business philosophy and ethos is built around this and the Drak Descent and Run the Rivers are the type of events which allow us to get involved and make difference to the lives of individual people in some small way,” Wilson added.

Getting locals involved in the events is a way of giving back to the community and having people from the area directly contributing to making the events a success will help in growing the events for the future.

“The cancellation of the 2021 and some extreme weather has resulted in increased costs for the organising committee to prepare for this year’s events.

“For this reason our support has been more essential. The events themselves are in keeping with our corporate culture but equally important is the contribution we can make to the community at large.

“Our support includes the building of trails, building bridges & clearing of invasive wattle which facilitates riding and running in this beautiful area, year round. So it’s a long term investment into the community, not just the event itself.”

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